About edcamp Spring Branch

In response to a challenge to create a summer professional development program that educators would find interesting and important, a group of teachers landed on the idea of an edcamp. Armed with a general idea of what an edcamp was and a desire to make professional development meaningful, they got right to work. In August of 2015 the first edcamp Spring Branch was held, and was found to be a rousing success, so much so that a mini winter edcamp was held in January of 2016. The next edcamp Spring Branch will be held in October of 2016.

The mission of edcamp Spring Branch is to break free from the idea that technology is a skill set that needs to be learned in isolation from other subject matter and teaching elements. Professional development that is centered on a technology tool or idea feels lop-sided and leaves the learner wondering what to do next. Technology is an integral part of the pedagogy of teaching, and professional development should seek to strengthen that pedagogy. When learners leave edcamp Spring Branch they should feel energized and ready to tackle their learning goals, whether those goals include technology or just best practices for teaching and learning.

Our tagline is "learning without boundaries". We have chosen a camping theme because what better way to test boundaries than to get outside away from the comforts that keep us from stretching our brains? Learning and teaching isn't always comfortable, but the rewards are far-reaching.

For more on edcamps please visit the edcamp site or watch the video below.

We can't wait to break down the learning boundaries with you!